Key Benefits Of Using Finviz As A Day Trader

Are you a day trader or hoping to become one? If so, then you should open an account with Finviz. Think of Finviz as being a portal to a wealth of information. With that said, here are a few key benefits of using Finviz as a day trader.

Pre-market Data & Real-time Data

When you join Finviz and you open an Elite Account, then you can find real-time data in various sections, such as stock screener, homepage, maps and stock tips as well as charts. You’ll also have the ability access pre-market sessions. Doing these things may very well increase your success as a day trader.

Advanced Charts

If you want to be a successful day trader, then you need access to charts. Not just any kind of charts, but advanced ones. With Finviz, that is exactly what you’ll get.

You will notice that the charts provided via Finviz contain deep analysis. For example, you’ll be shown intraday charts that you can study so you know what move you should make next. Not only that, but the charts contain indicators and overlays as well as drawing tools. You can use the performance comparison charts too.


Another major benefit of using Finviz as a day trader is you can use backtest, which can help you take a look at your trading strategies before you put them into action on the real market. The platform offers you things such as over 80 technical indicators. Over 15 years of historical data is provided too, and you can compare with SPY benchmark. We believe this will be one of your favorite features once you join Finviz.

Advanced Screener

You’ll love using the stock screener feature because as a day trader you want useful tools such as this one. It allows you more options for analyzing filtered stocks and this includes advanced charts and statistics view. It also includes data export and customized filters.

Much More

When you join Finviz Elite, you’ll have access to much more than the above. You’ll receive all the tools and information you need to increase your chances of making successful trades. Do bear in mind there are three levels of subscription, but you should get the highest level one, that way you can access all of the features available.

Beginner and experienced day traders alike should use Finviz. As you can see, there are a number of benefits of using Finviz as a day trader. If you want to experience all of the potential benefits, then open an account at Finviz today.